Nikki & Corby - Wisconsin State Capitol Wedding

One of my best friends, Tara, recently found out that her long-time friend and co-worker Nikki and Corby, her boyfriend of 20 YEARS, were FINALLY going to get married...

in three weeks. 

Once Tara found out that they were just planning on selfies with cell phones and photos from whoever else was around, she just couldn't have that. So when one of your best friends is a photographer, sometimes you get to call in a favor. 

What's that you say? The rotunda? Of the Wisconsin State Capitol? It's gorgeous, so ummm...YES PLEASE. 

Then - magically - an Old Navy dress Nikki had had for years was traded in for an actual wedding gown and suits, and cell phone selfies were traded in for...well...ME. 

The wedding was small and meaningful and completely from the heart. For a while there I forgot we were even in a public place - until the kiss, that is.  The sudden clapping and cheering from every direction (even above!) was a fun bonus. 

Also, these two don't look a day over 30, so clearly they fell in love as babies. 

Congratulations, Nikki & Corby!  

And thank you again for humoring me and all of my random "moment design" questions and requests!


And of course I had to get Nikki & Tara together for a shot or 10.

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