Krista + Travis

You know those people that you just can't help but like, like immediately?  That's Krista, and I think that's how everyone feels about her.  I met Krista long ago and far away in 2006ish via a local Wisconsin message board before we even left California.  There's nothing this girl doesn't do, and nothing she can't do.  And she runs, holy shit does she run! A couple 50 milers I think, several marathons, half marathons, shorter ones she could do in her sleep and...AND...she ran the last Boston Marathon!  I think that's pretty awesome.  I would love to have the motivation to train my body to do amazing things like that. 

I met Travis for the first time the day I took these photos, but I already knew the important things: Krista loves him, and he loves Krista. Oh and of course they both love Chicken the cat and now their new adopted Luna dog.  Randomly I found out that Travis semi-knows my brother-in-law Matt through fantasy football - and by randomly I mean "I checked Travis out on Facebook and saw my brother in law was our mutual friend". Facebook makes everyone a creeper.  Travis is also a DJ so if you're reading this and might be planning a wedding now or sometime in the future, he's your guy! Check him out here: Sound Mindset, LLC 

I should note that this was not an engagement session (yet...) - I just wanted an adorably fun couple to be my models for a day.  I chose them because I think they have the best "how we met" story ever.  They obviously tell it better than I do, but the short version is this:  Krista was going to be moving out of her apartment in a couple months, and got a knock on the door. The guy who was going to be renting it after she moved wanted some info about the apartment ahead of time. That guy? Travis, of course.  My version isn't as cute as theirs, so head over to Krista's blog to read more about it one year after that knock.  While your there, go ahead and pitch in a few bucks toward her MS Run the US 2016 team

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