Was I your wedding photographer?

I was? Sweet! I have a present for you. 

I'm now offering past (and future) wedding clients one free session per year!  


Yep.  It turns out that most people only have professional photos taken at major life events, like a wedding.  But why? I love you guys! You trusted me with one of the most important days of your lives. I want to give you the opportunity to re-document your lives together and reconnect Simple Soul Photographs/Beloved-style every year if you can.  Because why not? 


So it goes like this:

Once a year, you contact me to schedule a photo session, but you don't pay the (currently $150) session fee/retainer.  Even if the fee goes up, you don't pay it.  I no longer include any prints or digital files with that fee, however at your ordering session you will receive 15% off of your total purchase. 

Like everything else though, we have to have some rules.  Bummer, I know. 

  • Limit is one freebie per calendar year.  So for example if you do one in October 2015, you don't have to wait all the way until October 2016 or later to schedule another one.  Heck, you could do one session in December 2015 and your next one in January 2016.
  • This only applies to you and/or your children.  You don't get to gift it to your uncle George or best friend Gertrude (etc). It could be a different mix of people but at least one of you need to be a main participant of the shoot.  Say you want to have a session with your brothers as a gift for your mom's 60th birthday - we can do that!
  • No minimum purchase. If we do your freebie session and you don't want to buy anything, that's ok. I might cry myself to sleep that night if you didn't like the photos though.  But that's impossible because you'll love them.  
  • I reserve the right to add a rule or two should some shenanigans occur.

So whatcha waiting for? Those pretty fall photos you probably want aren't going to book themselves, and I can only take 4 sessions per month.  Fill out the contact form below - let's talk!

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