Well, that happened.

There's no end to the valuable lessons you learn when you are the only person in your company!  

I learned a big lesson about malware and viruses and backing up your website. Yay me!

But I'm back - with a new look to boot. Everything happens for a reason though, right? I love a fresh look and I've always been one to embrace change.  You're now looking at a website with a lot more "me" in it.  I'm not perfect and I never will be.  I swear.  I have a huge sense of humor...it's just a dry one. Even with my bad mouth and weird sense of humor, I love people, and I love bringing joy to their lives.  We all have our shit, and my job is to find a little light for whoever comes my way.  It's the best job, and I'm doing it my way.

So let's get this party (re)started...

And now I have C+C Music Factory stuck in my head. 

You all want this party started? Right?! You all want this party started...quickly? Right?!

Here, I'll just post the video so you can go ahead and get it stuck in your head, too. 

You're welcome!

Live long and prosper, 

Jessie MorrisComment